Gary Barlow

Gary Barlow receives his OBE from Queen Elizabeth II , 21 November 2012.

But… on the subject of vocals, it was absolutely diabolical.

Anonymous said:
"In the summer I'm going to do a huge trip through London. Do you know where Gary often comes? Where I can maybe see him, or meet him? I'm a huge take that fan. Thank you so much :)."

Um I don’t know where he lives but on Saturday and Sundays I guess he will be at the X Factor Studios where lot of fans go to see all the X Factor contestants and judges, the studio is called “Fountain Studios” But I guess in the Summer X Factor isn’t on around that time so I don’t know really, sorry xx


Every single day has been so special. I love that I was the guy at school who worked every weekend as a piano player at the age of 11. I love that when I left school, I said to the careers officer, ‘I’m leaving school to be a pop star.’

I love that at aged 19 I joined the most successful boyband of the 1990s. I love that I fell out with Robbie and we split up. I love that everybody liked my first solo album and everybody hated the second. I love that I was dropped from my record label and publicly humiliated for not being the next George Michael - most of them are here tonight. I think you all got dropped eventually as well.

I love that I spent seven years in the wilderness; never performing, never singing, rarely writing… and mostly eating. All right - you didn’t need to laugh that loud.

I love that in 2005, Take That were asked to tour again as a four-piece. And I also love that a promoter actually said, ‘I can’t see this working without Robbie Williams.’ I really love that we then went on to sell 5 million albums, did two stadium tours, won four Brits and two Ivor Novello awards… Fuck you.

I love that after 20 years, all five members of Take That got back together, made an album and did the biggest UK tour in history. I love learning as much as achieving, the lowlights as much as the highlights. And I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you how much winning this award means to me tonight.

- Gary Barlow, accepting his Music Industry Trusts Award. (via fuckyeahgarybarlow)

Gary tries a 20/20 for the first time.